About Us



About Us

Woh Sang Hardware & Timber Trading Sdn Bhd established since 1998 as supplier and retailers for building materials. Our company was registered as private limited company in 2009 for the expressed purpose of catering the building products and commercial industries in Malaysia.

Woh Sang Hardware & Timber Trading Sdn Bhd is one of the leading stockists and distributors of various clay tiles and roofing materials in the Center Peninsular of Malaysia. We provide full roofing solutions comprising of steel roof truss system, aluminum foil insulation materials, solar water heater, dry fix waterproofing membrane, dry-flashing compents, skylight solutions, upvc rainwater gutter as well as fascia boards for roof eaves.

We have become one of the leading domestic sources of nonferrous building material producst in particular.The following selection of commercial (general), architectural, building and structural products in the web page is generally available from our extensive inventory.

We are continually adding our products lines to offer the highest quality and most complete selection available.

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