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The Most Sound Investment For Your Home Is The Roof.
At times, the roof may occupy less than 50% of the exterior surface. Yet a leak in the roof has the potential of ruining 90% of the interior! How can you minimise this possibility? 
It's all in the GCI tiles!

It is GCI's marketing philosophy to provide every home with a roofing system that will not only protect and enhance but also to provide a home that is both thermally comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to the body and soul.

The Muscle
When It Comes To Strength, The Phrase "Good Things Come In Small Packages" Applies Here Perfectly.

Each GCI tile weighs slightly more than 3kg but within this tightly packed tile lays the strength of a behemoth. GCI tiles have been tested to withstand up to 400kg. Having gone through the most vigorous testing, these tiles have complied with and even surpasses the French, German, USA and Singapore quality standards.

The Strength 
GCI tiles have been tested to comply with and even surpass the French, German, USA and Singapore standards. It can withstand high impact without chipping or cracking. Its compactness allows low water absorption to protect against excess weight and roof deck saturation during rainstorms, thus protecting your building.


Leaks start with a crack. To minimise it, you need a strong tile. GCI tiles have the strength to create sparks without chipping or cracking. This is one demonstration you need to see to believe!

GCI tiles are interlocked for maximum weather and security protection. It is designed to keep water out effectively and at the same time, make break-ins extremely difficult!

Friends Of The Earth
Environmentally friendly, recycle and green are words that GCI keep very close to the heart. The core material used by GCI is clay. One cannot get any more environmentally friendlier than that. The irony is that GCI clay roofing tiles basically uses Nature's best material to protect human beings against Nature's worst elements; the sun, the rain and the wind.

Thermal Comfort
By nature, clay is a bad conductor of heat, making it an ideal material for the roof. Heat insulation and thermal comfort is a major issue. Using GCI clay roofing tiles will not only save money from energy and cost but will also regulate internal temperature. It is akin to bringing a little of the Alps to your home in the summer or bottling up a little of the sun in the winter.

In recent studies from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Mr Mohd Peter Davis & Mdm Nor Azian Nordin found that when using GCI clay roofing tiles, the internal temperature of a house is cooler. Thus contributing positively to the thermal comfort of the occupants in the building. In fact, their results revealed an astonishing 2°-3°C cooler from GCI clay roofing tiles over concrete tiles.



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